Open to high school girls and college women. Collaborate, innovate, and create technology solutions for problems of social impact.

The Women’s Hackathon is designed to inspire young women to explore the unknown and open doors to opportunities in the tech sector. The 12-hour event is open to all female high school and college students. During the event, participants will work collaboratively to design a website, game, or mobile app that addresses a selected real world challenge. This event is open to participants of all skill levels: those who haven’t programmed at all, those who are programming geniuses, those who have an eye in design and even product management. It will be a great day to learn, invent, and create the future. But not only that, you can use your innovative ideas to support others!

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High school girls and college women, regardless prior programming background. Rookie professionals within two years from college graduation are permissible on a case-by-case discussion with event organizer.


Each team is to create one account and submit a presentation file or public accessible URL to an online presentation file that is used to guide your presentation for judges and includes the following:

  • Team name and the challenge addressed.
  • Names and schools of team members.
  • Target users of your Contest Application.
  • Strategies adopted by the Contest Application to address the selected challenge.
  • Overview of the Contest Application. Use of visual such as storyboard and screenshots is encouraged. Clearly distinguish prototype and features implemented via programming.
  • The implementation environment for the Contest Application.

In addition, upload a zip file containing the Contest Application and related instructions for event organizer to access/recreate the Contest Application for the purpose of verifying claimed features in the presentation. Awards may be revoked if intentional misleading claims are made in the presentation.


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Judging Criteria

  • Appropriateness to Theme
    How well does the Contest App address the selected challenge? Are the target users clearly identified? What strategies have been incorporated to address the special needs of the target users?
  • User Experience & Functionality
    How well does the Contest Application provide clearly defined and intuitive user experience? What strategies have been incorporated to engage users?
  • Originality & Impact
    How does the Contest Application present original ideas in addressing the selected challenge? What is its potential to affect its target users in their approach to the issues raised in the selected challenge?
  • Technical Difficulty #1: Prototype
    How well does the prototype provide a comprehensive and dynamic representation/simulation of the proposed software solution for the selected challenge?
  • Technical Difficulty #2: Implementation
    To what degree has the Contest App been implemented in programming language(s) (text-based, graphic-based, or a combination)? To what degree has the team pushed themselves to take on new programming challenges when implementing the Contest App?